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Olón offers locals and foreigners alike the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Ecuador while experiencing the lifestyle this amazing country offers. Many even choose to call Ecuador home and smart investors are eager to invest in the real estate market in Ecuador.

Take a walk down the pristine beaches and see some of the extensive estates and you will see why we call it the Gold Coast.... Surfing, kite boarding, paragliding, scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking ... this place will tire you out !  ..With Montañita only 4k away from Olon ... you will always be close to the nightlife and gastronomic paradise that only Montañita is famous for.
If this is your the first time in Olon, Ecuador, you will find it is much like a resort community that you would find off the coast of Florida or Southern California. While these types of areas offer their own advantages, you can not beat the beach in Olon in terms of unspoiled natural beauty. It is a well kept secret that has been enjoyed by professionals and retirees in Ecuador for many years. Olon today is home to many expatriates from around the world.
We are delighted to announce that cover the coastal region from Salinas to Puerto Lopez, including beaches, Ayangue, Manglaralto, Montanita, Curia, San Jose, the Nuñez, La Entrada, Ayampe and, of course, Olon. We have a team of professionals who not only help you find the home of your dreams in Ecuador, but also with the acquisition of the residence, construction consulting, contractor services, architectural services, legal services and more!

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Olón, Santa Elena, Ecuador
Spondylus Route E15
School Emilio
Crespo Toral,
100 meters north or
Diagonal to the Supermarket
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